Exploring Bar Harbor: The Perfect Destination For Pet-Friendly Hotels

PetFriendly Bar Harbor Hotel near Acadia National Park
PetFriendly Bar Harbor Hotel near Acadia National Park from www.pinterest.com


Bar Harbor, located on Mount Desert Island in Maine, is a charming coastal town that offers a plethora of activities and attractions for both humans and their furry companions. With its breathtaking scenery, pet-friendly parks, and welcoming community, Bar Harbor is the ideal destination for a vacation with your four-legged friend.

Choosing a Pet-Friendly Hotel

When planning your trip to Bar Harbor, it’s essential to select the perfect pet-friendly hotel that caters to both your needs and those of your beloved pet. Fortunately, Bar Harbor is home to several accommodations that go above and beyond to ensure a comfortable stay for both you and your furry friend.

Location and Amenities

When searching for a pet-friendly hotel, consider its location and amenities. Look for accommodations that are close to pet-friendly parks, hiking trails, and other outdoor activities. Additionally, ensure that the hotel provides pet-friendly amenities, such as designated pet areas, pet-friendly rooms, or even special services like dog walking or pet-sitting.

Reviews and Recommendations

Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from fellow pet owners can be immensely helpful in choosing the right hotel. Check online travel forums, pet-friendly websites, and social media groups dedicated to pet travel to get insights into the experiences of other pet owners who have visited Bar Harbor.

Exploring Bar Harbor with Your Pet

Once you’ve settled into your pet-friendly hotel, it’s time to explore all that Bar Harbor has to offer. Here are some pet-friendly activities and attractions you and your furry companion can enjoy:

Acadia National Park

Acadia National Park is a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts and their pets. With over 120 miles of hiking trails, scenic drives, and breathtaking views, you and your furry friend can embark on unforgettable adventures together. Just make sure to follow the park’s pet rules and guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Bar Harbor Dog Park

If your pet enjoys socializing and playing off-leash, the Bar Harbor Dog Park is the perfect spot. This fenced-in park offers ample space for dogs to run, play, and interact with other furry friends. It’s a great opportunity for both you and your pet to make new acquaintances and enjoy some quality bonding time.

Whale Watching Tours

Bar Harbor is renowned for its whale watching tours, and many operators welcome well-behaved pets onboard. Imagine the joy of witnessing majestic whales up-close while your furry companion takes in the fresh ocean breeze. It’s an experience that will create lasting memories for both of you.


Bar Harbor is a pet-friendly paradise, offering a wide range of accommodations and activities that cater to the needs of both humans and their furry friends. Whether you’re exploring the trails of Acadia National Park, playing fetch at the Bar Harbor Dog Park, or embarking on a whale watching adventure, Bar Harbor has something for every pet lover. Plan your trip, book your pet-friendly hotel, and get ready for an unforgettable vacation with your beloved four-legged companion.