Family Friendly Restaurants In Dc: A Guide For 2023

FamilyFriendly Restaurants & Places to Eat in DC Washington DC
FamilyFriendly Restaurants & Places to Eat in DC Washington DC from


As a bustling city with a diverse culinary scene, Washington DC is home to numerous family-friendly restaurants that cater to both kids and adults. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, finding a restaurant that offers a welcoming atmosphere and delicious food can make dining out with your family a memorable experience. In this guide, we will explore some of the top family-friendly restaurants in DC in 2023.

1. The Fiddlehead

Located in the heart of DC, The Fiddlehead is a popular choice for families looking for a relaxed dining experience. The restaurant offers a diverse menu with options for both kids and adults. From classic American dishes to international cuisines, there is something for everyone. The Fiddlehead also provides a kids’ play area, making it an ideal spot for families with young children.

2. The Picnic Basket

If you’re in the mood for a casual family outing, The Picnic Basket is the perfect choice. This restaurant offers a unique picnic-style dining experience where families can enjoy their meals in a park-like setting. The menu includes a variety of picnic-inspired dishes such as sandwiches, salads, and refreshing beverages. The Picnic Basket also provides picnic blankets and games, ensuring a fun-filled day for the whole family.

3. The Garden Grill

Situated in a beautiful garden setting, The Garden Grill offers a serene atmosphere for families to enjoy a meal together. The restaurant specializes in farm-to-table cuisine, using locally sourced ingredients to create delicious and healthy dishes. Kids can also participate in gardening activities and learn about the importance of sustainable food practices.

4. Pizza Paradise

No family-friendly restaurant guide is complete without mentioning a pizza place. Pizza Paradise is a favorite among families in DC, offering a wide range of pizza options to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. From classic margherita to creative toppings, their pizzas are made with fresh ingredients and baked to perfection. The restaurant also provides a kids’ pizza-making workshop, allowing little ones to unleash their culinary creativity.

5. The Sweet Spot

When it comes to desserts, The Sweet Spot is a must-visit for families with a sweet tooth. This dessert-focused restaurant offers a wide selection of delectable treats, including ice cream sundaes, milkshakes, and freshly baked goods. The Sweet Spot also provides a kids’ dessert decorating station, where children can personalize their own sweet creations.


When dining out with your family in DC, you don’t have to compromise on quality or ambiance. The city offers a plethora of family-friendly restaurants that prioritize creating a welcoming environment for both kids and adults. Whether you’re in the mood for a picnic-style meal, delicious pizza, or mouthwatering desserts, there is a restaurant in DC that will cater to your family’s preferences. So, next time you’re looking to enjoy a meal together, consider one of these family-friendly spots, and create lasting memories in the vibrant capital city.