Grey Knights Boarding Action In 2023

Some of my grey knights now rebased. Never enough grey knight posts on
Some of my grey knights now rebased. Never enough grey knight posts on from

The Elite Forces of the Grey Knights


In the year 2023, the Grey Knights, an elite branch of the Adeptus Astartes, continue their relentless pursuit of protecting humanity from the dark forces of Chaos. These genetically enhanced super soldiers are specially trained to combat the most sinister entities that threaten the galaxy. In this article, we delve into the thrilling topic of Grey Knights boarding actions and explore their tactics, strategies, and the weapons they employ.

Boarding Action: A Strategic Maneuver

Boarding actions are a critical aspect of space warfare, and the Grey Knights have mastered this maneuver to perfection. When an enemy vessel is identified as a threat, the Grey Knights launch their assault by teleporting directly onto the enemy ship. This surprise attack catches the enemy off guard, giving the Grey Knights a significant advantage.

The Weapons of the Grey Knights

Nemesis Force Weapons

The Grey Knights rely heavily on their unique armaments known as Nemesis Force Weapons. These weapons are psychically charged and capable of disrupting the warp energies that Chaos entities possess. Each Grey Knight is equipped with a Nemesis Force Sword, capable of cleaving through even the toughest armor, and a Nemesis Force Halberd, which grants them extended reach in combat.

Psycannons and Incinerators

Supporting their melee weapons, the Grey Knights wield powerful ranged weapons. Psycannons are rapid-firing weapons that fire potent bolts capable of piercing through enemy armor and disrupting psychic barriers. Incinerators, on the other hand, project streams of cleansing flame, purging heretical foes with ease.

Tactics and Strategies

Utilizing Psychic Powers

Grey Knights possess unparalleled psychic abilities, which they employ to devastating effect during boarding actions. Librarians, the psychic leaders of the Grey Knights, unleash psychic powers such as Hammerhand, increasing their melee prowess, and Vortex of Doom, summoning a swirling vortex of destructive energy to annihilate their enemies.

Close Quarters Combat Specialists

As close-quarters combat specialists, the Grey Knights excel in tight spaces within enemy ships. Their Terminator armor provides enhanced protection, allowing them to withstand enemy fire while delivering devastating blows. The Grey Knights’ extensive training enables them to swiftly neutralize threats, swiftly clearing compartments and securing critical areas of the ship.

The Importance of Boarding Actions

Preventing Chaos Corruption

Boarding actions conducted by the Grey Knights serve a crucial purpose in preventing the spread of Chaos corruption. By directly engaging the enemy on their own vessels, the Grey Knights disrupt their nefarious plans and protect innocent lives. Their actions often result in the destruction of Chaos artifacts and the eradication of cultists, weakening the forces of Chaos in the process.

Striking Fear into the Hearts of Enemies

The Grey Knights’ reputation precedes them, striking fear into the hearts of their enemies. Their arrival is seen as an omen of doom, and Chaos forces are known to flee rather than face the wrath of these formidable warriors. The psychological impact of the Grey Knights’ boarding actions further aids in demoralizing the enemy and turning the tide of battle in humanity’s favor.


In the year 2023, the Grey Knights’ boarding actions remain a pivotal component of their ongoing battle against the forces of Chaos. Armed with their unique weaponry and psychic powers, they continue to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and protect humanity from the encroaching darkness. As long as the Grey Knights stand vigilant, the light of hope shall prevail against the horrors of the warp.