How Many Hotel Hell Hotels Are Still Open In 2023?

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The Legacy of Hotel Hell

Hotel Hell, the popular reality TV show hosted by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, made its debut in 2012 and quickly gained a devoted following. Over the years, Ramsay visited numerous struggling hotels, offering his expertise and guidance to help them turn their fortunes around. However, as the years went by, viewers began to wonder how many of these hotels managed to stay open long after the cameras stopped rolling.

A Closer Look at the Statistics

As of 2023, it is estimated that out of the 60 hotels featured on Hotel Hell, approximately 40% are still open for business. While this may seem like a relatively low number, it is important to consider the challenges faced by these establishments and the volatile nature of the hospitality industry.

Factors Influencing Closure

Running a hotel is no easy task, and many factors can contribute to the closure of a business. Some of the common challenges faced by hotels include poor management, lack of funding, low occupancy rates, and negative reviews. While Gordon Ramsay and his team did their best to address these issues during their time at each hotel, the long-term success of these establishments ultimately depended on the efforts and commitment of the owners and staff.

Success Stories

Although many hotels featured on Hotel Hell have closed their doors, there are some notable success stories that have managed to thrive even after the show aired. These success stories serve as a testament to the transformative power of Ramsay’s guidance and the resilience of the hotel industry.

The Juniper Hill Inn

One such success story is The Juniper Hill Inn, located in Windsor, Vermont. The inn, which was struggling with outdated decor and poor management, underwent a complete transformation after Ramsay’s intervention. With a renewed focus on customer service and a revamped menu, The Juniper Hill Inn has not only managed to stay open but has also seen a significant increase in bookings and positive reviews.

Hotel Chester

Another success story is Hotel Chester in Starkville, Mississippi. This historic hotel, which was on the brink of closure, received a much-needed makeover from Ramsay. With a renovated lobby, updated rooms, and a fresh menu, Hotel Chester has become a popular destination for both locals and tourists, contributing to the revitalization of the local economy.

The Impact of Hotel Hell

While not all hotels featured on Hotel Hell have managed to survive, the show has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the hospitality industry. By shedding light on the challenges faced by struggling hotels, it has raised awareness among viewers and potential guests about the importance of supporting local businesses and choosing accommodations wisely.

The Importance of Continuous Improvement

One of the key takeaways from Hotel Hell is the importance of continuous improvement in the hotel industry. Even after Ramsay’s departure, it is crucial for hotel owners and staff to maintain the same level of dedication and commitment to ensure the long-term success of their establishments.

The Future of Hotel Hell

As of 2023, it is uncertain whether Hotel Hell will continue to air new episodes. However, its impact on the hospitality industry will continue to be felt for years to come. Whether through reruns or online streaming platforms, the show will serve as a reminder of the challenges faced by struggling hotels and the potential for transformation and success.


While the exact number of Hotel Hell hotels still open in 2023 may be subject to change, it is evident that the show has had a lasting impact on both the hotels it featured and the viewers who followed Ramsay’s journey. The success stories that have emerged from Hotel Hell serve as a testament to the power of determination and the transformative potential of expert guidance in the hotel industry.