How To Smoke In A Hotel Without Being Caught: A Guide For Smokers In 2023

How do hotels know if you smoke? 5 common ways to detect you smoke in a
How do hotels know if you smoke? 5 common ways to detect you smoke in a from


Smoking is a habit that many individuals enjoy, but it can be challenging to find suitable places to smoke, especially in hotels where smoking is prohibited. However, with a few precautions and clever strategies, you can still indulge in your habit without getting caught. In this article, we will provide you with tips and tricks to help you smoke discreetly in a hotel setting.

1. Choose a Smoking-Friendly Hotel

Before making a reservation, ensure that the hotel you plan to stay in has smoking-friendly policies. Some hotels have designated smoking rooms or floors where smoking is allowed. By choosing a hotel that accommodates smokers, you can smoke freely without worrying about the consequences.

2. Book a Room with a Balcony

If you are unable to find a smoking-friendly hotel, try booking a room with a balcony. Having access to an outdoor space allows you to smoke discreetly without the risk of setting off smoke alarms or leaving behind a strong odor in the room.

3. Use Air Fresheners and Odor Neutralizers

To avoid leaving behind a noticeable smell, bring air fresheners or odor neutralizers with you. These products can help mask the scent of smoke, making it less likely for hotel staff or other guests to detect your smoking activities.

4. Smoke in the Bathroom

If you don’t have a balcony or prefer to smoke indoors, the bathroom can be a suitable option. Turn on the bathroom fan to help dissipate the smoke, and place a damp towel at the base of the door to prevent smoke from escaping into the main room.

5. Use Sploofs

A sploof is a homemade device that helps filter and reduce the smell of smoke. Simply take an empty toilet paper roll, stuff it with dryer sheets, and exhale your smoke through it. This will significantly reduce the odor and make it harder to detect.

6. Open Windows and Use Fans

If smoking in the bathroom or on the balcony, open windows and use fans to create airflow. This will help disperse the smoke and minimize the chances of it lingering in the room.

7. Be Mindful of Smoke Alarms

Although smoking in the room is not allowed, it’s essential to be aware of the smoke alarms’ locations. Avoid blowing smoke directly towards them, as this could trigger an alarm and alert hotel staff.

8. Dispose of Evidence Properly

Dispose of cigarette butts, ashes, and any other evidence of smoking discreetly. Use a plastic bag or container to store these items and dispose of them outside the hotel premises to avoid suspicion.

9. Use Room Deodorizers

Before leaving the room, use room deodorizers or air fresheners to eliminate any lingering smell of smoke. This will help ensure that the next guest or housekeeping staff won’t detect any traces of smoking.

10. Practice Caution and Respect

Lastly, it’s important to remember that smoking in hotels is against the rules and may inconvenience other guests. Always be considerate of those around you and try to minimize any potential negative impact your smoking may have on others.


Smoking in a hotel without being caught requires careful planning and attention to detail. By selecting a smoking-friendly hotel, using balconies or bathrooms, employing odor neutralizers, and being mindful of smoke alarms, you can enjoy your smoking habit discreetly. Remember to practice caution, respect others, and dispose of evidence properly to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.