Pet Suites Boarding Prices: Everything You Need To Know

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When it comes to finding the perfect place to board your beloved pets, you want to ensure that they are getting top-notch care and attention. Pet suites boarding facilities have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a comfortable and luxurious environment for your furry friends. However, one question that often comes to mind is the cost associated with these services. In this article, we will explore pet suites boarding prices in 2023 and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Factors Affecting Pet Suites Boarding Prices

Several factors can influence the pricing of pet suites boarding services. These include:

1. Location

The location of the boarding facility plays a significant role in determining the prices. Facilities located in prime areas or cities with higher living costs may have slightly higher rates compared to those in rural or less expensive areas.

2. Duration of Stay

The length of your pet’s stay will also impact the overall cost. Most boarding facilities offer daily rates, and the longer your pet stays, the more you can expect to pay.

3. Size and Type of Pet

The size and type of pet you have can also affect the price. Larger pets may require more space and resources, leading to slightly higher boarding fees. Additionally, certain breeds or species may require specialized care, which can also contribute to the overall cost.

Typical Pet Suites Boarding Prices

While prices may vary depending on the factors mentioned above, here is a general idea of what you can expect to pay for pet suites boarding in 2023:

1. Cat Boarding

On average, cat boarding rates range from $20 to $40 per night. Some facilities may offer additional services such as playtime or grooming at an additional cost.

2. Dog Boarding

Dog boarding prices can vary significantly depending on the size of your dog and the amenities provided. On average, you can expect to pay between $25 and $60 per night for dog boarding. Some facilities may offer luxury suites or additional services such as walks, training, or grooming, which can increase the price.

3. Other Small Animals

If you have smaller pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, or birds, boarding prices are generally lower compared to cats and dogs. Prices can range from $10 to $25 per night, depending on the specific needs of your pet.

Additional Costs to Consider

While the boarding prices mentioned above cover the basic accommodations for your pets, there may be additional costs to consider:

1. Extra Services

If you wish to add extra services such as grooming, playtime, or training sessions, these will come at an additional cost. Be sure to inquire about the pricing for these services when booking.

2. Medication and Special Needs

If your pet requires medication or has special needs, there may be additional charges to ensure they receive proper care and attention.

3. Peak Season or Holidays

During peak seasons or holidays, boarding facilities may have higher rates due to increased demand. It is advisable to book well in advance to secure a spot and potentially avoid inflated prices.


When it comes to pet suites boarding prices in 2023, it’s essential to consider factors such as location, duration of stay, and the size/type of your pet. While costs can vary, having an idea of the average prices for cat boarding, dog boarding, and other small animals can help you budget accordingly. Additionally, be sure to inquire about any additional costs or services that may apply to your pet’s specific needs. By doing thorough research and planning ahead, you can ensure that your furry friend receives the best care and attention while you’re away.