Used Restaurant Equipment Tulsa Ok: Where To Find The Best Deals

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The Growing Market for Used Restaurant Equipment

In recent years, the demand for used restaurant equipment has been on the rise. Restaurant owners are increasingly turning to second-hand equipment as a cost-effective solution to furnish their establishments. Tulsa, Oklahoma, is no exception to this trend. With a vibrant culinary scene and a growing number of new restaurants opening up, the need for affordable equipment is higher than ever.

Benefits of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

There are several advantages to purchasing used restaurant equipment. Firstly, it can significantly cut down on costs, allowing businesses to allocate their budget towards other essential areas. Secondly, used equipment is often available immediately, eliminating the need for long waiting periods associated with ordering new items. Lastly, buying used equipment is an eco-friendly choice, as it reduces waste and promotes sustainability.

Where to Find Quality Used Restaurant Equipment in Tulsa

If you’re looking for reliable sources of used restaurant equipment in Tulsa, there are several options to consider. Local restaurant auctions can be a great place to find quality equipment at competitive prices. These auctions often feature items from restaurants that have closed down or upgraded their equipment.

Another option is to reach out to restaurant supply stores in the area. Many of these stores offer both new and used equipment, giving you a wide range of choices. Additionally, they may have connections with local restaurants or suppliers who are looking to sell their used equipment.

Considerations When Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

Before purchasing any used restaurant equipment, it’s crucial to thoroughly inspect the items. Look for signs of wear and tear, functionality issues, and cleanliness. It’s also recommended to ask for any maintenance records or warranties that may still be valid.

Commonly Sought-After Used Restaurant Equipment

When it comes to used restaurant equipment, certain items are in higher demand than others. These include commercial refrigerators, ovens, stoves, fryers, and dishwashers. These pieces are typically more expensive when bought new, making them ideal candidates for buying used.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Restaurant

When selecting used restaurant equipment, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. Take into account the size of your establishment, the type of cuisine you offer, and the volume of customers you expect to serve. This will help you determine the appropriate sizes and capacities for the equipment you require.

Ensuring a Smooth Transaction

When purchasing used restaurant equipment, it’s important to negotiate the price and any additional terms with the seller. Be prepared to ask questions, such as the reason for selling and the history of the equipment. If possible, test the equipment before finalizing the purchase to ensure it meets your expectations.


Used restaurant equipment can be a valuable asset for any establishment in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By exploring various sources and conducting thorough inspections, you can find quality equipment at affordable prices. Remember to consider your specific needs and preferences to choose the right equipment that will enhance your restaurant’s efficiency and success.